Jesus is Justice Satisfied.

“Therefore everyone who has trusted in Christ as Savior can say, ‘God’s justice towards me is satisfied.’ In our judicial system, when a sentence has been fully served, justice is satisfied. If someone who has been sentenced to ten years in prison fully serves that time, he can walk out of prison a completely free person. Justice no longer has a claim on him. It has been satisfied.

As believers we must steadily keep in mind that Christ has satisfied the justice of God on our behalf. Never again should we fear the retributive justice of God. Yet many believers do live under a sense of fear of God’s justice. We know we sin continually, and sometimes the painful awareness of our sin almost overwhelms us. At such times we still are prone to view God as our judge meting out absolute justice. We fail to grasp by faith the fact that Christ Jesus has fully satisfied God’s justice for us.

One morning in my private devotions I was reflecting on my sin, which for some reason seemed particularly painful to me that day. In my discouragement I blurted out, ‘God, You would be perfectly just in sending me to hell.’ Immediately on the heel of those words, though, came this thought: ‘No, You wouldn’t, because Jesus satisfied Your justice for me.’

This is the stand we must take as believers. We must not allow the accusations of Satan or the condemning indictments of our consciences to bring us under a sense of God’s unrequited justice. Instead, we should by faith lay hold of the wonderful truth that God’s justice has been satisfied for us by our Lord Jesus Christ.” –Jerry Bridges, The Gospel for Real Life