Jesus Never Fails.

George Müller was a remarkable man of faith. He is most well-known for his work with orphans. “He built five large orphans houses and cared for 10,024 orphans in his life.” Astonishingly, he did it all as a penniless man. He prayed in the finances and resources necessary to carry on his work without ever asking a person for help. He asked God and trusted that it would be enough—and indeed, it was.

But Müller was not content to simply support thousands of orphans. He felt a burden for the peoples of the world without access to the gospel and wanted to actively get involved in reaching the nations. So he prayed more money in, and sent it back out to Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission.

Hudson Taylor was another great man of faith. He followed Müller’s lead and trusted God to provide for his work. Taylor started and oversaw the China Inland Mission, which relied on prayers offered to God rather than requests made to man in order to fund their work. Taylor’s work has sealed his place in history as one of the missionaries most used by our Lord.

Müller was a big influence on Taylor, and they became dear friends. Müller not only provided financial support to Hudson—he also offered spiritual support. This is evident in a letter he wrote to missionaries in China. His words are just as poignant today as they were when they were written:

“My chief object is to tell you that I love you in the Lord; that I feel deeply interested about the Lord’s work in China, and that I pray daily for you.

I thought it might be a little encouragement to you in your difficulties, trials, hardships and disappointments to hear of one more who feels for you and who remembers you before the Lord. But were it otherwise, had you even no one to care for you—or did you at least seem to be in a position as if no one cared for you—you will always have the Lord to be with you. Remember Paul’s case at Rome (2 Tim. 4:16-18).

On Him then reckon, to Him look, on Him depend: and be assured that if you walk with Him, look to Him and expect help from Him, He will never fail you. An older brother, who has known the Lord for forty-four years, who writes this, says for your encouragement that He has never failed him. In the greatest difficulties, in the heaviest trials, in the deepest poverty and necessities, He has never failed me; but because I was enabled by His grace to trust in Him, He has always appeared for my help. I delight in speaking well of His Name.” (Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, p. 152-153)

Whatever situation you find yourself in, whatever challenges you are facing, whatever obstacles threaten to overwhelm you, remember this: Jesus never fails.

He never fails.

Trust him today.